1.1.How do I place an order?

1.2.What are PhotoSplits™? How do I make them?

1.3.What is Pixel Painting™? How do I do it?

1.4. What are wall displays? How do I make them?

1.5.Can I convert a color image into black and white or sepia?

1.6.What's the difference between thick and thin gallery wraps?

1.7. What goes on the sides of my canvas?

1.8.How do I hang my canvas?

1.9.What size can my canvas be?

2.Image Preparation

2.1. What if something is wrong with my image or order?

2.2. Can you crop and prep my image?

2.3. Can I do all the cropping and prep myself?

2.3.1. What are the image guidelines for a thin gallery wrap?

2.3.2. What are the image guidelines for a thick gallery wrap?

2.3.3. What are the image guidelines for standard black frames?

2.3.4. What are the image guidelines for a floating frame?

2.4. Can I see a "Softproof" prior to submitting my image?

3. Shipping

3.1. When will my order ship?

3.2. What are my options for shipping?

3.3. What if I'm shipping my canvas internationally?

4. Policies

4.1. What is your return policy?

4.2. What is your privacy policy?

4.3. Is this site secure?

4.4. What should I know about copyrights?

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