Why Printing on Photo Canvas is Better


There will be hardly any house without the presentation of even a single photograph. It can be a snapshot of a family member, a vacation shot or even just a photo of friends and adorned ones. It can be the photograph of a special occasion, a much-loved pet or even an old family photograph.


Everyone uses pictures to beautify not only their homes, but also office decor. A canvas photo painting can fit perfectly in any room. Canvases have been associated with paintings for centuries. Just thinking of the word canvas makes one think about the magnificient oil paintings put up on the walls of art galleries and museums world over. Now just think, what if you could relocate your photos to canvas and exhibit them on the walls of your home? Wouldn't that be a great idea. The canvas would give your photographs an arty edge far better than a poster or a print on photographic paper.


Welcome to iphotocanvas. It's a ambit of old word lure, the pleasure of watching an original oil painting can be equally enjoyed by looking at a photo canvas. Canvas photo prints are a rage. A new technology that is embellishing the homes of art lovers accross the globe. High quality photo canvases are the nearest to the real thing, at a fraction of the price.


While you might be looking at the title of this article thinking, yeah right, believe it or not. Think about any large public place you’ve been in lately that held photo canvases on the walls. Which ones looked better? The large printed paper prints or the canvas photo prints? The canvas photo prints always look better as they have a professional feel to them – not just some large piece of paper under glass. The overall look, feel, and texture that canvas prints give off creates the feel of a unique oil painting with clarity, it’s easy to see why many artists and photographers prefer printing on photo canvas to printing on paper any day.


The overall look of photo canvas prints are smoother, as photo canvas will not lose a bit of detail and clarity once the print is completed. The good thing is that since photo canvas prints are bigger normally, people will enjoy them from a distance instead of inspecting them right up close. So detail is sharper on photo canvas than on paper.


One other major thing to keep in mind is that the expensive fine art photo paper carries a practical size with it. For this reason, you normally have to have it matted and then framed before it’s hung for display in your home or office. And, even if you get the biggest mat boards in the U.S (which are 40X60), it’s hard to match the size of printing on photo canvas. Yes, you can do custom frames and mats, but that can get extremely expensive and many customers won’t want to pay that extra cost. Also, the bigger that you go with fine art photo paper and prints, the more you risk losing clarity, color, detail, and more in your photo. You’ll also have to try to find some odd methods of mounting them for display, which again, reinforces the idea that canvas prints are the easier, more professional way to go.


Printing on canvas offers you a way to create large works easily, without all of the problems that go along with producing a larger photo on normal paper. If you want to go bigger, you simply use stretcher bars to stretch the canvas to just about any size you would like without compromising the print. Then, you can frame your canvas print in so many different ways – such as with or without glass, in a floater frame for a modern look, with a heavy frame for a victorian look, and so on. The possibilities are endless.



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